Every company of the OktoCampus group has its own and independent strategy, but skills and expertise are shared within the group. This creates a center of excellence and unique synergies, allowing to answer the most demanding requirements of companies such as service operators, by combining security, highly scalable storage and service infrastructures.

Vade Secure is one of the world’s leading companies in e-mail security, against phishing, spear-phishing and malwares attacks, for telecom operators and companies. Vade Secure secures 500 million e-mail boxes across the world.

Scalair is a Cloud operator and architect. Scalair owns its resources - secured and based in France - and provides companies such as service operators, managed IT infrastructures, with pay as you go rates.

OpenIO provides storage and application grid open source solutions. OpenIO’ solutions are particularly focused on emails, images and videos’ storage for service operators and large companies.

Parc d'activité des 4 Vents.

2 bis Avenue Antoine Pinay.

59510, Hem.

OktoCampus :

a group of companies, that releases energies.


A dynamic organisation that fosters innovation and growth.


Companies of OktoCampus group, cultivate dynamism and associate shared desire to innovate and pleasure of working all together.


The high growth of each company is also the results of a group that encourages flexibility and agility: enhancement of processes and organisation is one of our daily objectives.


This is the combination of our start-up spirit and the solidity required to perform in the infrastructures and IT security businesses.